Mac Dougherty

A pirate's life for me.

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· 9 mths

A spectacular sunset in #JamestownRI on #Vivace during this mid-July trip. The scenery and the weather couldn't have been much better, except perhaps we could have used just a little more wind!

Kristen Dougherty

The scenery and weather couldn’t have been better, and neither could the company!

9 mths
· 9 mths is one of our very favorite places to both dock and dine on #SummerSolstice. Yum!

· 9 mths

#SummerSolstice looks small in #BattleshipCoveMA next to the mighty USS Massachusetts BB 59. We do our best to fly the Stars and Stripes just as proudly as Big Mamie does.

· 9 mths

We had a really fun time on #BlockIsland for the 4th of July this year. We had a smooth ride down and a very foggy ride back! The fireworks were great and it was very fun to see all the boats in New Harbor lit up with Red White and Blue at night.


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